3D in the palm of your hand: the HTC EVO 3D experience

Just when you think that most mobile phones on the market have more than you can ask for (MMS, 4G, photo and video capabilities, web browsing, social networking) comes HTC EVO 3D. The crowning glory of this phone is its 3D graphics, although it has many other notable features. It may be hard to believe, but it is now possible to capture images with more depth and dimension, thanks to its 3D capabilities. Now that’s just the beginning. HTC EVO 3D allows you to view 3D images without 3D glasses. If you are not satisfied with the photos, you can take videos because EVO 3D can also take 3D videos.

HTC EVO 3D is equipped with a camera that can capture 2D photos with a resolution of 5 megapixels. For 3D photos, it can produce results at 2 megapixels. Taking photos is a breeze with this super phone due to its auto focus and dual power LED flash features. Video capabilities don’t disappoint either. You can take 2D or 3D videos at 720p resolution. After taking all the photos and videos, you can see the results by viewing them on your phone. It also has a front camera that allows you to make video calls. Pictures, videos and even websites are easy to view on HTC EVO 3D, thanks to its 4.3-inch 16:9 qHD display.

Compared to its predecessor (HTC EVO 4G), HTC EVO 3D has noticeably improved performance. You can attribute this to its processor, which is dual-core at 1.2 GHz. On top of that, it has 1 GB of RAM. You can say goodbye to those days when you had to be patient due to long lag when loading text messages, viewing photos, playing videos and surfing the web. This is definitely the phone for people who love to use their phone for social media activities like replying to comments and uploading media content. Battery life is also something to rave about. Battery life is the typical rechargeable lithium-ion type that can handle a talk time of 465 minutes and a standby time of 420 hours. Battery life lets you maximize your phone’s photo, video, navigation, and even audio capabilities. The internal storage memory is 1 GB with an expansion slot via microSD memory card.

HTC EVO 3D is also easy to operate. It has a customizable lock screen that allows you to see important notifications and shortcuts to your favorite apps. There are already pre-loaded widgets for popular apps like email. It has a round table effect where you can change the home screen by rotating it thanks to its touch screen.

HTC EVO 3D’s design is also easy to use. The height of the phone is 5 inches tall and 2.6 inches wide. It is only 0.48 inches thin and 6 ounces light in weight, so carrying it around won’t be a problem at all. The textured back panel adds more appeal and dimension. It has an internal GPS antenna that enables free roaming capabilities and easy map viewing. Overall, you get what you pay for with HTC EVO 3D and more.

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