5 steps to choosing a granite countertop color

One of the most important design factors in any kitchen is the color of the countertop. Here are the most important things to consider when choosing a granite countertop color for your home.

1) Find a granite warehouse with a large selection. You want to make sure you have the ability to see all the available colors and not just a few small swatches on a board. Also make sure they have full granite slabs for you to see.

2) When visiting the warehouse, bring your cabinet sample or a door from your existing cabinets. Hold the sample against the granite as you find the ones you like. You should be able to tell immediately if it is a good match or not.

3) If you are building a new house, you will choose your floor color AFTER your granite selection. If you are working with an existing floor, be sure to run a color swatch across the floor and make sure the granite goes well with that. Although they won’t be directly next to each other, you still want to make sure the colors are complementary and work well together.

4) Once you select a color that works well, be sure to LOVE IT. Don’t settle for something that looks good but doesn’t like it. This is something that will be a defining element of your kitchen and you must find the really attractive color to live with.

5) Once you have made your final granite selection, ask the granite warehouse to take out 5 or 6 slabs for you to see. Make sure the tiles are the same color and to point out any dark / light spots or any patterns that you don’t like and would like to exclude when cutting your kitchen. You can also request a new visit once your kitchen is measured so you can see what cuts they are making and how that will affect the color / pattern. Granite countertops are a great investment for your new kitchen, so be sure to look at all the available selections and make informed decisions when choosing a color.

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