7 things men find sexy about you: how to be seductive and irresistible to men

When we talk about sex appeal, we all have our opinions: what is sexy to you may not be sexy to me and what is not beautiful to you may be the most beautiful in the world to me. Of course, everything is somewhat subjective. But let’s talk about men. What are the things that are sexy to you? Men can be tricky beings, but they do maintain certain standards and preferences when it comes to the woman of their dreams. So what happens when you want a man to be attracted and you find yourself totally sexy and irresistible? Here are the top seven things men find sexy about you – learn how to be seductive and absolutely irresistible to men now!

  • When you lick and bite your lips slowly. When talking to a guy, in a subtle way, try to lick and bite your lips slowly. Don’t make it too obvious or I’d think you’re losing your mind. Just make it look natural. It is a way of making him see that you too find him absolutely irresistible.
  • When you show a little skin. It won’t hurt to be a bit adventurous with the way you dress. You know you look good in that little black dress, you just need a little more confidence to work it. You don’t need to get shy, it can also be annoying and irritating. Put it on and be good.
  • When you really smile and laugh at his jokes. Most of the prettiest girls act like snobs and brats, especially when they get too much attention. Guys get tired and completely shut off with that kind of attitude. Act differently. Be genuinely interested and you’ll gain more fans in no time.
  • When you don’t seem overly conscious. Confidence is always the key to getting a man to notice you. Being a confident woman who knows how to take control instantly becomes sexier and instantly beautiful in your eyes. So stop fixing both your hair and your blouse. Relax and enjoy their company.
  • When you seem curious and intrigued. Ask questions. Guys find it cute when you look curious and intrigued. It is as if you are willing to learn many things. However, keep in mind that being curious and intrigued is different from being a bummer. Then know the difference.
  • When you get close and touch it unintentionally too. Intimacy is a very important part when it comes to generating sexual tension. Touch him briefly but constantly and he will be the one to approach you in no time. Make it look effortless and natural and he’ll be turned on by you in no time.
  • When you express yourself, have fun and flirt from time to time. Make him see that you have intelligence to go with that pretty face. Intelligence can be sexy too, you know? And men will definitely be flirting with you in no time. Have fun and nothing else will go wrong. Enjoy the attention, girl!

Being sexy is actually a state of mind, girl. There is no need to go through all that drastic plastic surgery and strict dieting to be sexy. The first thing you should do is to think that you are an amazing beautiful girl. Everything else will follow. Trust me.

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