8 Business Office Supplies You Can’t Live Without

Who doesn’t love business office supplies? They are fresh, they are new and they smell good. And they make those long work days, frustrating managers, and unreasonable deadlines a little bit easier. Yeah, when you open up that stationery closet and find it well stocked with your favorite discounted office essentials, the corporate world seems like a slightly better place. Here are 8 business office supplies you can’t live without:

1. Pens – What would an office be without the humble ballpoint pen? Ballpoint pens are sturdy, leak-free writing instruments that every office worker needs. And you’ll need them not only in blue and black ink, but also in red ink, to make corrections or alert your manager or staff member to something important.

2. Post-it Notes: Post-it notes really are the must-have discount office supplies of the moment. They come in a wide variety of shapes and colors, and are essential when you need to leave a phone message or note on your colleague’s desk, or when you need to mark pages in a long manual or document.

3. Pencils and erasers: Pencils and erasers are more common stationery items in schools than offices these days, thanks to the proliferation of ballpoint pens. However, all offices should be provided with pencils to literally “mark” events on calendars (ie if electronic ones are not used) or attempt corrections.

4. Duct Tape: Duct tape is one of those business office supplies that, for whatever reason, gets a lot of use in your typical office, whether it’s taping down a box for shipping or sealing an envelope more securely.

5. Notepad: No desk is complete without a notepad to jot down the gist of all your phone conversations, jot down to-do lists, or make sure you remember instructions your manager just gave you.

6. Highlighter: Highlighter is one of the great joys of working in an office. They come in a plethora of fluorescent colors (pink, orange, green, blue, purple) and can “beautify” even the dullest of documents. However, in all seriousness, they are essential for highlighting text that your reader needs to take note of.

7. Sign Here Tabs – You can use a regular sticky note or a plastic sign here tab, complete with a red arrow indicating exactly where someone should sign. Sign here tabs increase the chances of your document being approved!

8. Scissors – How annoying is it when you can’t find a plain old pair of scissors to cut out that custom flyer, or unique door sign? Every desk should have a pair of scissors, with an ergonomic plastic handle, within easy reach.

When you have these business office supplies on hand, along with other essentials like printer paper, rulers, and glue, you’ll be the best worker you can be. Happy stationery day!

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