A look back at the trendy children’s clothing of the 60s, 70s and 80s

Fashionable children’s clothing has changed over the years. Fashionable children’s clothing reflects what is fashionable in adult clothing at the time. There have been many changes in clothing styles from children’s fashion clothing.

Fashionable children’s clothing in the 1960s included very short dresses for boys until they reached high school. The girls wore dresses that barely covered their underwear during these years. Today, most girls wear dresses that come down to their knees.

Young boys wore jeans and white T-shirts during the 1960s. The bottom of the pants had to be rolled up to create a cuff and the T-shirt had to be white with a rounded neckline. They usually wore black canvas tennis shoes and black belts with this ensemble. Even though they were wearing T-shirts, they tucked the shirt into their pants to show the belt.

In the 1960s, girls wore black and white rimmed oxford shoes. They also wore Mary Jane style shoes that had a strap that reached over the arch of their foot and fastened to the side. They were black shoes in the fall and winter months of the year and white shoes in the spring and summer months of the year.

In the 70’s most kids didn’t change their dress style much even though the hippie style was becoming popular. It was not popular for young boys to wear flared jeans or tie-dyed shirts. The girls’ dresses were still short and they wore matching bloomers under the dresses so that their underwear would not show.

Until the 80s all girls wore a tank top and their underwear under all outfits. These shirts were the first camisoles that girls wore and were designed to avoid showing their skin when their shirts were thin.

The 80s were a time when most girls gave up dresses entirely. They wore brightly colored pants, leg warmers, oversized shirts, and a wide variety of footwear. Tight leggings and oversized shirts were all the rage, and almost every girl tried to make her hair stand out as much as possible. They teased her hair, sprayed it with hairspray, and held it in place with headbands in wild colors. Satin jackets were very fashionable as were very short shorts.

Fashionable children’s clothing from the 60s, 70s and 80s is what kids wear for Halloween costumes today.

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