Authentic transformative leadership

This leadership style fuses the best aspects of authentic and transformational leadership. Combining these traits and giving it a new name does not create a new leadership style. More is needed. This article describes the underlying aspects of this new leadership style and looks at how leaders can incorporate it into their own lives. Integrity is the foundation of this leadership style.


Authentic leaders are ethical leaders. They have identified their ethical codes and never compromise on what they believe to be right or wrong.

1. Know the values ​​of your organization, so that you can incorporate them into your daily business.

2. Know your personal ethics. The best leaders follow their personal and organizational ethics.

3. Know the consequences of behavior that falls short of your corporate values ​​or violates the rules of ethical behavior. When this occurs, there should be consequences without being too harsh. You must remind people of the proper rules of behavior.


Authentic leaders know how to use the right kind of authority for the good of the group and for the goal to be achieved. As a leader, your team should look up to you. When leaders do what they say, they earn the esteem and appreciation of their teams.

Hire the right people

It cannot be emphasized enough how important it is to hire the right people. They have to be the right people in the right job at the right time and with the right attitudes.

The customer is extremely important

The customer is essential to determine where the company should go, that is, in the right direction. Determine the customer’s needs and then satisfy those needs. After determining the customer’s needs, leaders must calculate the costs involved and the steps required to meet those needs.

Products must not only be good enough

The key in today’s technology-driven economy is that companies don’t have time to wait more than a year for a product to be determined to be the best. The key is to work faster and use the test and iteration method to make the necessary improvements.

Find the good in an organization, not the bad

When leaders join an organization, they should not work to discover what is wrong with the company, but rather to determine what is good and makes the organization great and improves in those areas. By spending too much time finding the errors that exist, you must determine what actions are being done correctly and encourage workers to continue.

Test and iterate.

When creating new products or services, never settle for good enough. Always strive to make your product or service the best it can be. Then continue making the necessary improvements.

Consider your target market.

Customers are very important. Businesses must be able to recognize the needs of their customers and strive to provide them with the best customer service. Seek the opinion of your customers and find out what they demand. Once determined, set goals to provide customers with what they need.

Learn to manage your people.

You have to deal with employees, including senior managers. You are faced with the challenge of how to get people to adapt to changes in the organization. Senior managers can be retained or fired, while some younger executives already know what they want. It is important to evaluate, assess and do the right thing: encourage people to participate by motivating them or letting them go.

Hear what your employees are saying.

Your employees are extremely important to the organization and you must allow them to give their opinions and learn from them.

Be an accommodating, participatory, and knowledgeable leader.

Motivating and inspiring team members can show how supportive one is as a leader. When it comes to trusting and respecting employees, you have to be one of the supporters, which makes you a participatory leader.

Inspire employees rather than force them to work.

A transformational leader will encourage employees to work through motivation and inspiration. Be a leader who sets a good example and constantly encourages them to be productive. You are not there as a leader to force anyone to work. Make sure all your employees are engaged and happy.

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