Debt Recovery and the Establishment Trap

Most people are in debt to some degree and the main culprit seems to be overextending oneself along with the inability to pay. There is a feeling among the many debtors that they can and should have everything that is offered, regardless of whether they are financially out of reach. The large sums of money they receive are quickly absorbed and reduced to things they can easily do without.

It is a difficult lesson to learn, but it must be taught in elementary school. Debt is self-inflicted misery that can result in social isolation, depression, and even suicide. This is the trap designed to cause these emotional problems and it is one that was set up by the establishment.

Money is an invention of man and was implemented by the Romans for the purpose of creating wealth. His main source of income was the poor of his conquests. While this is beyond many to understand, debtors must consider their circumstances.

What is the cause of the debt? It is mainly the result of overreaching and believing that one can have everything that the rich acquire. It is a status scenario and it leads to poverty.

Those who are most likely to fall for the trap are the least able to afford it. They are generally weak-willed, vulnerable, and proud. That description fits the social climbers, those struggling to keep up with their neighbors, and the downtrodden who seek acceptance. It also applies to those whose circumstances suddenly change and their finances disappear.

In the latter case, women and children become victims after the breakdown of marriage or an unexpected pregnancy, homelessness, etc. Because they are more likely to have depended on a partner or their parents, they are often unable to find help when they need it.

This is why debt-driven hardship and recovery should be taught in schools. Children brought up in the traps of reckless behavior can escape the agony that follows.

The establishment is also driven by religion and complications arising from beliefs that are systemic within a community can have a great impact on one’s emotional problems. Many will try to measure up to something they cannot achieve with catastrophic results.

Weather faith deals with the so-called morality and provides a path to a better life after death; in fact, it is leading many to suffer a living hell. My reincarnation and the knowledge that we pass from one life to another (Job 5: 19-21) proves how far from reality is the establishment and the World Order, which control the economy.

Debt is about borrowing money when circumstances compel us to do so. It is the trap designed to turn the less fortunate into slaves while the rich reap the harvest of their labor. If people did not want a better life or were happier being who and what they are, the pain that debtors experience would be avoided. They would also free them from the trap.

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