Discus Fish Breeding: Simple Ways To Breed Fish

Simple ways to raise your fish

The most fascinating fish you can have is the discus. Well of course this is just my opinion. These beautiful creatures are very expensive and can cost hundreds of dollars for a single fish. I personally find this to be an insane price on Discus and would never recommend anyone pay more than $70 for a single adult. In Michigan, this is where I have my aquarium store. The going rate on Discus is around $45 for a youth and around $70, on the higher end for an adult. With the high price of discus, I want to give you some secrets that will save you money on your fish, because when you follow these tips correctly, you may never have to buy another discus again.

The next step

Keeping a Discus aquarium is a blast, however, there is more to the hobby. I even know that I love taking care of my records, raising them is the next level of the hobby. This is fun and it’s also a great way to save money at the expense of your fish. Breeding discus can be difficult, however, with the proper guidance, it can be a really easy experience. When you care about puck, you know how expensive fish can be. This is why the breed is extremely popular with discus enthusiasts. Discus are excellent breeders and in some cases will breed in your main tank without you even knowing it. This ends up being a nice surprise, so pay close attention if you think this happened. You will see fry swimming in a few weeks.

Time to start

I want to show you a few different ways to start your discus breeding process. I will show the easy and expensive option and also the least expensive method to use. The easy option is to buy a breeding pair. When purchasing a breeding pair, let your dealer know what you are interested in. They will give you some options and pricing information to get you started. Traders and people who don’t mind spending money prefer this route due to the fact that it can have the fish start mating in a couple of days. Mating pairs are expensive, costing between $200 and $300 per pair.

You’ll want to use this next option to save some money on your breeding costs. With this option you buy a group of at least 6 youth discs. In this method, you expect the sexes of the fish to be different. This is not one hundred percent guaranteed. I can say that this method has never failed me when setting up new tanks and I demand it all the time. I would definitely recommend this option for someone just starting out with setting up their new aquarium.

the mom the dad

With a little time, in your main tank you will start to notice who the mating partner will be. Discus like to establish territory within their aquarium. When you see two fish defending it from their other tankmates, they are preparing to breed. Be careful with this because these two fish will become mom and dad. Now it’s time to move them both to the breeding tank. A breeding tank is a separate tank from the main tank where you keep your fish. When raising discus fish, it is recommended to have at least a 20 gallon tank for the two fish.

We need to set up the breeding tank

You want to keep your disc stress-free during tank changes. Use the water from your main tank to fill the “Discus Breeding Tank”. This will maintain the pH level your fish use as well. Remember to keep the bottom of the breeding tank clear. You don’t want rocks or gravel on the bottom of the tank. There is a reason for doing this step. You want to make it as easy as possible to remove leftover food and debris. The only decoration needed is a vertical surface for your eggs. “Aquarium discus fish” lay their eggs just like angel fish do.

Both types of fish prefer to lay their eggs on a vertical surface. You will have many options for vertical surfaces. Most people go the easy route and use a plant like a java fern. What I like to do is use an upside down ceramic pot. When you think your tank is looking a little empty, I advise placing a potted plant in a corner to give your discus a little shelter. Although this is not necessary, keep this tip in mind if your fish are feeling stressed. Another key in the discus farming process is filtration. I use a sponge filter for bioburden and also like to use a small power filter and put a small bag of peat moss in the back to keep the pH level in check.

The Easiest and Most Important Discus Fish Breeding Tip

Keep in mind that the Discus fish breeding tank is usually much smaller than your original tank. it is crucial that you remember this fact. Check the breeding tank regularly for spikes in ammonia and water temperature. Check the water every day and clean up the debris every day. This practice is very imperative when raising discus fish. Discus are very particular about the water conditions when playing. When the water quality is poor, the fish will not even try to mate.

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