Eggs, Cottage Cheese, and Ricotta Cheese: Which One Can’t Eat During a Candida Diet?

Someone said that you should not eat eggs, but that it is okay to eat cottage cheese and ricotta cheese. Do you have that problem during your diet? I was in that problem a long time ago when I was still on my candida diet. So while I still remember, I would write this article for you.

I did my research based on what I felt was best for me and that is what I am going to share with you in this article. When there were discrepancies, he usually took the strictest dietary suggestions. This is why I gave up cottage cheese and cottage cheese – they are dairy products with cow’s milk and cheese, so I will choose to stay away from them.

However, all my sources say that it is okay to eat eggs as they are considered more of a protein than a dairy product. However, one may experience that he cannot eat eggs. I know the causes are probably due to an allergy. Below is the true story of my friend, she found out why she can’t eat eggs.

He went to see a naturopath / kinesiologist. Apparently you tested positive for allergies to chicken / eggs, calcium, B vitamins, sugar, corn, grains, salt – all the things that feed candida, guess what? This makes sense since you’ve heard that candida creates addicting allergies to those very foods. It appears that candida creates an addiction to the foods it feeds on through allergies.

Regardless, her naturopath told her that Candida had infected all of her major organs except her heart. This includes: brain, thyroid, pancreas, spleen, liver, kidneys, bladder, intestines, colon, and reproductive organs. She thinks it’s in her appendix too, but she doesn’t remember the doctor telling her that.

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