Feng Shui Room Rules for Prosperity

1. You only get one chance to make a first impression, and that’s outside.

Create a dynamic sense of welcome by making sure your front door is energetic, attention grabbing and uplifting. How can you do this? The easiest way is with color.

Consider painting the front door a vibrant and exciting color that complements your home color in shades of red, orange, purple, blue, green or gold. Each of these colors can be classic, contemporary, subdued, or bold. Choose what feels right to you and your front yard will suddenly come to life, smiling a hello at you every day.

If you live in an apartment, create a feeling of welcome and vitality upon entering. Incorporate color, plants, and lighting that brings a smile to your face as you walk in.

2. Rent, rent, rent.

Where is the abundance area in your house? The abundance area is located in the back 1/3 of your home and upgrading this space varies depending on what room you have in that location.

If your abundance zone is your family room, the most important piece of furniture, the star attraction, is your sofa. That means you have to love everything: the color, the size and the shape. And it should be comfortable and cozy. When you enter the room, the sofa should be in front of you, welcoming you into the room.

The energy in this room should represent abundance and prosperity. Furniture, accessories, and wall color should envelop you in comfort, style, beauty, and inspiration. If not, paint them a new color or add accessories, pillows, lamps, or new pictures in colors that represent abundance and prosperity to you.

If the abundance area is your dining room, set the mood. This is a room made for drama! Incorporate a luscious and romantic color for the walls, a rich and luxurious color that speaks to you of abundance and prosperity. Use a beautiful bright lamp, and most importantly, use the room! In Feng Shui, it’s vital to keep the energy vibrant, moving and alive, that can’t happen if you don’t use the room!

If the area of ​​abundance is the kitchen, keep the room organized, clean, functional and well lit. The only items on the countertops should be the ones you use weekly; all others should be stored in cabinets. Paint the walls a warm tone. Even if you like white, consider warm white instead of pure white for a more intimate and welcoming feeling.

If the area of ​​abundance is a home office, the position of command comes first and foremost. When sitting at your desk, you should have a solid wall behind you to lean against and have a full view of the room in front of you. This room should inspire, motivate and energize you. An easy way to accomplish this is with paint. Consider a warm yellow or gold hue to increase mental stimulation, a creamy white or khaki/tan color to encourage expansion, or an orange, peach, or terracotta hue to encourage vibrancy. And incorporate art and accessories in vibrant colors to attract more energy and opportunity.

If the abundance area is a closet, keep it clean and tidy. Stick to only clothes that fit you well, that you love, and that you wear. Have fun with color. Paint the closet walls a rich, vibrant shade. (Once your clothes are hung, you won’t really see much of the wall, so get creative!) If you have a walk-in closet, add a beautiful, plush rug and consider changing the light bulbs from white to a soft pink. When turned on, these bulbs create a beautiful soft glow – awesome!

If the area of ​​abundance is the bedroom, make sure the bed is positioned with a solid wall behind the head of the bed and that you have a full view of the entire room and the door when in bed. (If this isn’t the case, consider hanging a mirror on the wall opposite the bed and position it so you can see the bedroom door in the mirror’s reflection.)

If only one room in your home embraces you with a sense of comfort, style, beauty and inspiration, this is it. Choose colors that are both calming and rejuvenating, colors that make your heart sing. Choose luxurious furniture that is comfortable, cozy and beautiful. Create a home for your soul, a place to belong. This should be a space that you love, from the way it looks and feels to the lighting, the views from your window, and the scents, all combined to create a private haven.

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