Golden Retriever Training – How to Break Bad Habits – Part 1

Owners know that bad habits are not unusual among dogs, even Golden Retrievers. Although the breed is described as kind, friendly, and confident, they can still develop bad habits along the way, especially if the necessary steps were not taken to correct them. Chewing, digging, biting, or jumping on people can be prevented, but if your dog has unfortunately developed any of these habits, believe that he will eventually break that habit as long as proper golden retriever training is provided.


While dogs of any age can chew, it is most common in puppies three to four weeks old due to teething. Puppies chew to relieve teething discomfort. If not for teething, some dogs chew out of boredom and others to explore the world they are in. Considering that it is a natural behavior among dogs and cannot be completely eliminated, steps must be taken to control this destructive behavior. Puppies should be given chew toys to divert their attention from valuable household items such as shoes, clothing, books, and furniture. They should not be given old clothes and shoes to chew on because they cannot tell the difference between an old thing and a new thing. Plenty of exercise and activities should also be provided to avoid boredom.


Like chewing, biting occurs out of curiosity. Puppies don’t have hands to control things, so they use their mouths to explore the things around them. Forbidding them to bite is like forbidding them to use their hands. However, this behavior must be controlled to prevent both humans and other animals from being injured. They must learn the ability to inhibit the bite as soon as possible. When Goldie bites you hard enough, scream and act like you’re terribly hurt. The puppy may be surprised by your reaction, but if he tries to bite again, repeat the scene you did earlier and this time ignore him, turn your back, and leave the room if possible. Eventually, your pup will understand that if he continues to bite hard, the fun stops.

If bad habits occur for various reasons, there are also several ways to eliminate them. These golden retriever training tips may seem very simple, but if applied correctly, they will definitely help you overcome these destructive problems.

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