Guides for making coin wrappers

If you are a money collector, it will be very economical to make your own money wrappers. Plus, by recycling paper bags, you can also participate in the ongoing green movement. You can make up to 20 coin wrappers from just one regular size paper bag.

Wrapping all the coins you have at home will be a good idea. You can also teach your children how to save money. You can pick it up and wrap it with your own coin wrappers. The following are the steps to make your own coin wrap.

The first thing you have to do is open the shopping bags and place them on a flat surface such as a table. Shape it into a perfect rectangle. Then start measuring for each size of the coins you are wrapping. If you want to wrap your pennies, you can mark it and cut two 4-inch strips the length of the bag. Cut one of them into 2¾-inch wide squares. Put them all in a pile and then on top of the pile with “Pennies-.50 ¢”.

If you want to make a wrap for the nickel, cut the other 4-inch strip into perfect squares with the width of 3 inches. For the dimes, you should make the paper 3 ½ inches wide and for the quarters, you can cut it 3¼ inches wide. For each of them, you can mark the top of the pile with the correct denomination and monetary amount.

The next thing you need to do is fold each edge of the wrap until they slightly overlap each other by an eighth of an inch. Apply the glue to one of the edges and press with the other to make them stick together. Secure the seam you just glued in the center by flattening the wrap. Let dry before using for wrapping.

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