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How to check the status of your PNR

When it comes to transportation, trains are the most common mode. Of course, there are some better alternatives, but most people just can’t afford them. Trains are considered cheap and effective means of transportation.

Check the status of your PNR

If you are going to travel by train, we suggest you keep an eye on the status of your PNR. Status may change as some confirmed tickets are cancelled.

You should check your status over and over again before the big day, especially if your ticket status is still “waiting” or “RAC.” In most cases, the “RAC” status changes to “Acknowledged” in a short time, but the “Standby” status may take a little longer to change. Sometimes it happens that a ticket is not confirmed at all.


Although you can go to the official Railways website to check the status, be aware that the process is slow. Another problem is that you can only check the status if you booked your ticket through their official site, not the third party sites.

Therefore, it is better to look for a convenient alternative. There are many third party sites that can help you check the status of your ticket. All you need to do is provide your PNR number. In a moment or two, your status will be displayed.

What is a PNR status?

Most residents are familiar with the PNR. But there may be some passengers who are not familiar with the term. This could be a foreigner who may be on tour. So, if you are a foreigner, we can help you better understand the term.

In case you don’t know, the term PNR is short for “Passenger Name Record.” Mainly, this number is stored in the Railways database together with other information, such as age, name and the number of passengers who are going to travel.

In simple terms, as soon as you have booked a ticket, it will be assigned a 10-digit number which will be stored in the database immediately. It will contain some other information about you as well. Depending on the number of confirmed passengers, this status may change. Therefore, it is important to check the status several times to make sure your seat has been confirmed.

The number will contain a lot of details about you, such as the name of your train, time of travel, date, gender, etc. However, your privacy will not be compromised. Even if you use any third party application or website, your personal information will not be compromised. Even if someone gains access to your PNR number, they can only check its status, nothing more. Your important details, like your name and address, will also not be displayed.

Other than your ticket status, nothing else will be shared, including your gender, age, or travel destination.

In short, if you are going to travel by train, we suggest you use a good third-party website to check the status of your ticket. It is better if you only use those sites that have good ratings.

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