How to choose the right web content category

Choosing the right web content category is key to marketing books online through free press releases and internet promotion.

A common mistake online writers and book authors make is choosing categories for web content. Before you start writing a press release to promote your book, look for free press release services that provide distribution in categories that match your submission. The correct category of web content ensures that your press release:

  • Get noticed by search engines
  • Reach the right target audience
  • You will not be rejected by the service.

The most important consideration to take into account when choosing a category is the potential reader: target audience or people who surf the web looking for your information. When a target audience enters keywords into their web browsers, they want the search engine to reveal their information. The category you choose is your first search engine optimization.

After locating the free services, review the list of categories that each service offers. Reduce the list of services by removing those services that do not include your categories. It is not helpful in your online book marketing plan to submit to services that are not within your interests. From the list that remains, examine the categories that best represent your topic. Some services also have lists of subcategories.

Once you’ve looked at the categories and subcategories, you’re ready to write web content. Some online services are strict about where you ask them to put your web content. So make sure you write with categories in mind. If you do not write with categories in mind and select the wrong category, the online service will not distribute your submission. Some web syndication services allow you to choose a different category prior to outright rejection, if your press release contains no other writing issues. However, some services will decline without explanation.

Your online book marketing strategy will give your target audience their first glimpse of you, your books, services and products and encourage them to consider you when they need your services or publications. The more they see your name and products, the more likely they are to remember you and your book, leading to referrals, leads, sales, and public speaking opportunities, putting you in front of live audiences who will spend cash. in his books. consulting and training.

Many online press release vendors offer free services if your submissions meet the minimum requirements: correctly written and formatted, and placed in the correct category. Other services will offer to write your copy for a fee.

Today, online book marketing is key, even if you have a New York publisher behind you. Few authors sell books without using the Internet. As an author, you already know how to write. After all, you wrote a book.

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