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How to troubleshoot air mattresses

Air mattresses are a bit vulnerable to problems and damage. However, we can say that there are many brands of air beds on the market that are quite durable. But don’t expect this mattress to last as long as your high-density foam mattress.

Because you are prone to problems, you must be prepared all the time. Here are some tips on how to troubleshoot common air mattress problems:

1. Bad air retention

There is nothing you can do about it if the main cause of the problem is construction. Some air mattresses have poor construction or poor manufacturing methods. That is why they do not retain air well. If your mattress came with a warranty, you should use the warranty and replace or repair it. There could be damaged parts in the inner tubes inside the bed.

If the air loss is caused by a leaky area of ​​the mattress, you should try to fix that damaged part. Most airbeds have a repair kit included. Use it to repair leaks. You can also try cutting a piece of vinyl cloth and using it to repair the hole. Just use a fabric glue to seal the hole.

2. The mattress slides

If the bottom of the mattress keeps sliding across the floor, you can try placing a small mat underneath. This will prevent the mattress from slipping. If the top of the mattress is a bit slippery, try using bed covers made of cotton. They stay in place and do not slip.

3. The mattress is too low

If the thickness is not enough for you, you can try using a platform for your mattress. Have a simple platform tailored for your bed. This will also provide better support for the air mattress.

4. The mattress smells bad

Most airbeds have chemicals built into them. That said, they tend to smell like plastic when new. You need to air it out for a few days. This will help eliminate the odor. You can also try sprinkling baking soda on the mattress. Baking soda works well to remove unwanted odor from the mattress. Let it sit there for an hour before vacuuming or cleaning it.

Also try washing the sheets with scented liquid detergent. Use fabric conditioner if you must remove the plastic smell from the bed.

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