Is your WoW hacked?

Many people have complained that their WoW accounts have been hacked. The problem mainly lies in the fact that hackers have come up with increasingly cunning ways to hack accounts. Although Blizzard first introduced the WoW Authenticator to try and fix the problem, many people find that it hasn’t stopped their WoW accounts from being hacked. Blizzard Entertainment has had numerous issues in the past with account security. Not surprisingly, every time Blizzard comes up with a new way to block people from hacking accounts, hackers, in turn, think of a new way to bypass their security measures. This has been a long and tedious battle for Blizzard Entertainment.

If you are looking to avoid a WoW hack, then you should seriously consider taking some precautionary measures when searching the internet and accessing your WoW account. Often times, people don’t really realize what caused their account to be hacked in the first place. Most of the hacked WoW accounts are caused by carelessness. This means that if you are downloading add-ons from unknown websites, you will probably be hacked.

One of the most common ways for hackers to operate today is to install a keylogger on your computer. A keylogger is a fairly easy type of file to disguise and can even be difficult to remove once it’s already on your computer. Many hackers will release these keystroke loggers to plugins or antivirus test software for people to download.

There are several ways to check a file for viruses before downloading it. If you are not using the FireFox browser, you should start by downloading it. Next, you may want to do a simple internet search for a service that will scan a file’s download link before downloading it. There are a ton of these available. If you already have an antivirus, you can simply use it to scan your file before deciding to remove it from quarantine.

Vary I recently learned of a new type of hacked WoW account. There was an advertisement on some popular guild website hosting services that was causing it. It would inform you that it had detected a keylogger on your computer as a pop-up window. Once you have clicked on the pop-up window, you will be prompted to download another file that will help you remove the keylogger. Of course, the file you would download was actually a keylogger itself.

The best way to be safe from a hacked WoW account is to never trust any downloads, visit only popular WoW websites for information, and keep your computer clean with an antivirus tool.

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