Legalize your documents to buy or sell properties abroad

With the development of travel today, more and more people are considering buying property abroad for vacation homes, retirement or to live there. The idea of ​​buying property abroad has become increasingly popular as it is now easier and cheaper to travel the world.

If you’ve found your dream vacation or retirement home abroad, you may need a number of documents to help with the process of buying a home abroad. Due to the fact that you are buying property in a foreign country, UK issued documents that you may need to complete the process may not be recognized and accepted. A simple and straightforward way to ensure that these documents can be recognized in a foreign country is through an apostille.

An apostille can be added to many documents, allowing it to be used in foreign countries. An apostille is a certificate that is attached to a document to verify its nature. Once the apostille certificate has been attached to the document, it will be recognized in any country that is a member of the hague convention and will need no further legalization.

There are a number of documents for which you can apostille legalization when buying property abroad. These documents can include:

Power of a trip.

Birth certificate.

Certified copy of your passport.

Adoption certificate.

Legalization of the apostille may also be necessary if a person who owns a property

abroad has died. There may be a number of documents that require an apostille when it comes to your property, which may include:

Death certificate.

Last will and testimony.


This is just a small sample of the documents that may require legalization of the apostille when buying or selling a property abroad.

If you are looking to buy a property abroad, you should check with the organization that is assisting you in the purchase what documents you may need and if they will require legalization of the apostille before starting the process. Once you are sure which documents require apostille legalization, you may want to contact an apostille service provider who can legalize your documents for you and avoid the stress of the legalization process.

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