Limestone Flooring – Find Out Why It’s The #1 Choice Used By Professionals

Floors play an important role in both homes and offices. There are several flooring materials you can choose from, including granite, sandstone, slate, limestone, and marble. However, there is nothing that can look as elegant and attractive as well-placed limestone floors. There are many reasons to choose this type of flooring. Limestone flooring has been used for centuries and is known to be strong and durable. These floors can have the perfect matte finish. However, because limestone is a softer stone than marble, it is important to ensure that it is properly maintained, which will allow your new limestone floors to last for many years.

Create a more vibrant and inspiring environment.

Limestone flooring is ideal in any type of room d├ęcor and can turn a dull space into a more vibrant and inviting area. Whether your furniture is old or new, this type of flooring will accentuate the look of the room. It goes well with wooden shelves and cabinets. Underfoot, limestone tiles feel good and are safe. Limestone can be polished, honed, brushed, tumbled, or aged. It is a symbol of luxury and style with its elegant finish. Limestone flooring can be available in various colors that represent Cotswold, Lincoln and Bath. In recent times Iranian, Turkish and Egyptian stones have become very popular for use in all living areas and wet areas.

Limestone floors are very popular, but care must be taken

The use of natural stones for pavements has increased considerably in recent years. More and more domestic and commercial properties are making use of these stones in one form or another. However, proper maintenance and care of this flooring is necessary because it usually starts to stain and become dull if proper maintenance is not practiced.

Limestone is made of calcium carbonate and this is why the use of acid should be avoided. When limestone comes in contact with acid, it turns opaque. Therefore, the use of limestone in the kitchen area should be avoided, as many of the foods we eat contain acid in some quantity. If acid is accidentally spilled on a limestone floor, it should be cleaned immediately with water.

How to care for your limestone floors

To keep your floors in their best shape, applying a limestone sealer every few years is recommended. This is best done with professional help or at least getting your sealants from professionals who know exactly what they’re trying to accomplish. It never hurts to ask the critical questions to make sure you know exactly what is required with your limestone floors. Using the correct sealer will block the pores where moisture is trapped. Also, while cleaning these floors, use warm water with a little mild floor cleaning fluid. The use of bleach and acid to clean limestone floors should be strictly avoided.

Limestone can be stenciled for use on stairs and fireplaces to add a touch of elegance and individuality to any design. You can also place it outside the building such as in the garden or terrace area.

Limestone tiles are an excellent flooring solution, if properly maintained and cared for. However, the choice of flooring remains personal and largely depends on the type of existing decoration. Be sure to contact the professionals when it comes to choosing the right limestone flooring option for your particular needs.

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