Look out for stunning fabric-patterned porcelain tiles

Fabric cross stitch patterns work great in home or office decor! The light and shadow along with the 3D patterns are impressive. Otherwise, the fabric often faces problems such as dirt and it may be difficult to keep it clean. The porcelain tile collection takes the clutter out of fabric and revels in textures, a gift of inkjet printing. The patterns and colors will also not fade over the years. It tolerates humidity well.

CrossHatch Porcelain Gray

Will the bathroom backsplash be covered with fabric? Gray CrossHatch TekTile Porcelain Tile represents roughly woven linen in soft gray, providing a luxurious setting. There are no problems with toothpaste and hairspray, cosmetics and soaps. The surface is fairly waterproof and prevents stains and mildew.

Ivory CrossHatch Porcelain

Create the illusion of a bathroom rug with CrossHatch Ivory Porcelain Tile. The 3D look resembles raw linen in soft ivory tones.

Gray Lineart Porcelain

Certain areas and rooms in homes or businesses attract a high number of footsteps in high-traffic areas. Designer floor coverings are quickly damaged in such a situation. Install Gray Lineart TekTile Porcelain Tile and see the difference. The luxury cloth design and 3D texture are unreal of course. Keep it effortlessly clean and watch how it tolerates years of paws and feet.

Ivory Lineart Porcelain

Witness the transformation of drab spaces when you install Ivory Lineart TekTile Porcelain and turn it into an inviting environment. Large 12×24 tile is easy to install with straight edges that require thin joints. Similar 3×24 round nose tiles fit the edges and corners.

Porcelain Hopsack Gray and Porcelain TekTile Hopsack Ivory

If you want a replica of the utilitarian rugs used in the industry for office and classroom floors, opt for Gray Hopsack Porcelain. It is a resistant floor covering that is also suitable for living rooms and games rooms. While gray tile looks great, use it creatively with Ivory Hopsack TekTile Porcelain Tile for added effect.

Spaces in homes and offices feel comfortable and uplifted with rugs and fabrics in various applications. However, fabrics and rugs are difficult to care for and keep spotless. The TekTile porcelain tile collection offers the right choices whether you’re looking for contemporary styles, industrial approaches, or looks from the mid-century past.

Visit the web gallery for details and options on the TekTile porcelain tile collection along with other exciting and inspiring inkjet printed porcelain tiles. They look incredibly realistic by copying fabric patterns without the hassle of real rugs.

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