Math Facts – Try Some Fun Ways to Learn It

Memorizing math facts is a necessary part of elementary school. Flash cards and repeating chants have their place, but for my kids, they were sheer monotony. Frustrated by his lack of interest in practicing his math facts, I’ve looked for ways to make memorizing math facts more fun.

Our favorite math website, Aplusmath, is an easy-to-use site that offers a generator of worksheets, flashcards, and online games including Matho, Concentration, and Hidden Pictures. Matho combines both bingo and math facts in one exciting timed game. However, match the math problem with the answer in concentration. Discover beautiful pictures by solving math problems in the hidden pictures game.

Both of my children enjoy music, so tapes and CDs are perfect for us. Rock ‘n Learn creates fun audio programs with “great music that teaches.” Math operations programs come in rap, rock, and country versions to suit a variety of musical tastes. My son happily goes over the multiplication tables to a funky rap beat.

A favorite educational “toy” is Leap Frog’s Twist & Shout. Children squirm and scream to learn facts. It’s fun, it’s lively, and learning is done to a foot-tapping musical beat. Children move and move through four games, each with a “teach” mode and a “test” mode. They then turn the number dial to solve the equation and press it to select an answer. Responses are heard and viewed on the LCD screen.

We’ve also made good use of the Hot Dots flash cards. Hot Dots flash cards can be used like regular flash cards, or add the Hot Dots Power Pen and kids can independently punch with instant reinforcement. Children simply touch a point with the pen and the pen responds instantly indicating a correct or incorrect answer.

If traditional flashcards aren’t enough to inspire your kids to practice math facts, try these fun alternatives. Helping your child learn math facts now will make more advanced math much easier. Have fun!

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