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Phone sales and the “I’ll be in your area on Tuesday” trick

The other day, I was talking to a professional person who deals with many different companies for their clients. Different companies have their own sales representatives and they try to schedule appointments, although it is difficult with their busy schedule, although from time to time you want to meet with certain companies to see what is happening at a certain time. She is involved in the financial planning sector.

When the salesperson calls, it is always the same line, and sometimes his secretaries call;

“I’ll be in your area on Tuesday, if we could sit down and chat about our latest asset allocation portfolio solutions.”


“Mr. Jones will be in your area on Thursday and has time between 10 am and 2 pm to meet with you regarding a new mutual fund or REIT that has been approved by your firm, do you? can I make an appointment with you now? “

The funny thing about all this is that the financial planner has an area code that she used before she moved, and when they call they have no idea where her office is and yet they say they will be in the area. She told me she had half an idea to say; “Oh really, and in what area could it be.” You see, she knows they are trying to set up a time to meet multiple people in an area on the same day, but when they call they don’t know which area they are in. They are simply making an assumption.

In other words, in this profession strict details are very important to serve your clients and clientele, but in this case the sales representatives who sell the various financial products or represent your company are not being precise, in fact, they do not know as it is a small tactic used in telephone sales to help organize meetings. In some respects, you could call this a little white lie, but it should also be a red flag that lets you know that a salesperson who knows nothing about you is pretending to have information they don’t know.

If someone is doing that in their phone sales tactics, how can you trust them to give you good advice and what is really best for your client and their financial affairs? The reality is, you can’t, and that could be something that triggers a red flag. In fact, I hope you consider this if you are a sales representative, or if you have someone trying to sell you something, you may want to question your integrity a bit more.

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