Self-medication for cold and flu seasons

The winter season is approaching and that is when colds and flu attack the body. This is the time of year when all sorts of medications, tablets, and remedies are used.

Colds and the flu usually begin with symptoms of a sore body and a sore throat. There is nothing worse than a sore body and a stuffy nose. That’s why stocking up on all the right self-medication products is a good thing. Not everyone can afford to go to expensive doctors all the time. Therefore, buying self-medication for home use is sometimes best.

For babies, you will find that there is a mild flu ointment option that is not as harsh on their little bodies. There is a range of ointments like Vicks Vapo Rub, Puma Bum, Woods, and Lennons. Some of these ointment brands also have a range of cough syrups available; some are sugar-free and alcohol-free, and made especially for babies, as they are more sensitive to medications. Panado can be used for pain and fever, and is available in tablet or syrup form. Scotts is also a good product to stock up on as it not only helps children with their persistent cough, but it also helps them grow. Baby’s Own tablets are also recommended for sick babies and also help them with teething.

There are also ointments made especially for adults. Back pain and headaches can be relieved by taking Compral, Panado, Grandpa or Doan back pain pills. These tablets can be found in small packs of two each or in jars containing up to fifty tablets and some are available in powder form. There is also a One Day Flu Cure pack available that most people use to get rid of colds and flu symptoms faster. Store and display these items well so that customers can easily find them.

Vicks Vapo Rub, ICC Menthol Camphor, Woods Ointment, and Zam Buk can be used to rub sore bodies and can relieve pain faster. Stocking up on Benelyn for Flu, Vicks Triple Action, Lennon’s Cough Mixture, Puma Bum for Cough, and Borstol can offer good cough and flu relief. These syrups are available in large and small bottles. These retail self-medication products are also available in sugar-free and alcohol-free versions for adults and children. Make sure you get enough stock from your general wholesaler. Remember to also consider medication for the client who is diabetic or dieting.

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