Speech To Persuade – 10 Tips To Break Bad Habits – This Is My Appeal To You

Many people fight bad habits. Not even a speech to persuade them can help them. Many of these bad habits are harmless, like nail biting, for example. But others are dangerous and addictive like alcohol, drugs, tobacco, etc. In an age when health is increasingly important and well-being is a goal, many people struggle to overcome these habits and addictions. These ten tips will be my speech to persuade you and will help give you the confidence in yourself that you need to overcome them.

Tip 1: have a friend join the challenge

Many times it will be helpful to have a friend join the challenge. Support each other and set goals or make it a fun competition to stay motivated.

Tip 2: allow yourself rewards

If you achieve one of your goals, enjoy a small reward for your success.

Tip 3: focus on your goal

One of those self improvement tips that keep popping up, focusing on your goal will help you keep your mind on the goal and increase your chances of success.

Tip 4: keep a travel journal

When you start your journey to break bad habits, start a journal. In it, monitor your progress and review it every few days or so. The results will help you stay motivated. This can be your own speech to persuade yourself.

Tip 5: Practice discipline

To be successful, you will need to practice discipline whenever you have cravings. You will have to fight them.

Tip 6: find out why you started the habit

This is one of those self-improvement tips that most people overlook. In my speech to persuade you, I have to tell you this: you need to find out what started the habit. Finding out the cause will help you overcome the habit or addiction.

Tip 7: focus on the negative effects of the habit

Focusing on the good aspects of quitting is great to help you, but the act of focusing on the negativity of addiction or bad habits is enough to keep most people’s motivation high.

Tip 8: Replace bad habits with good ones

For every bad habit you try to break, replace it with a good habit. Over time, you will find yourself making more good habits than bad.

Go ahead, with our speech to persuade …

Tip 9: Get help.

Getting help is an important tip for self-improvement. If you have an addiction, you most likely need help.

Tip 10: Join a support group

Support groups are some of the most effective motivation builders. They are there for you in both the highs and the lows. Those who suffer from addictions are especially helped by them.

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