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Perhaps less well known than the more abundant Coro, Trifari or Napier costume jewelry, Kramer costume jewelry often used rare or unique stones in their jewelry. First, a brief history: Between 1943 and 1980, Kramer Jewelry Creations was a family business that produced some of the best high-end costume jewelry. In the 1950s and 1960s, Kramer made Christian Dior designs, so finding a Christian Dior piece from Kramer is a rare but rewarding pleasure. Dior pieces used to use good quality clear rhinestones with larger blue or green center stones. Christian Dior designs may be priced higher because of the Dior name, but Kramer’s quality and designs are just as wonderful as those without the name.

Unfortunately for the collector, many Kramer jewels from the 1950s and 1960s were unmarked and only had a paper tag to identify them. If you see a signature, it is most likely “Kramer,” “Kramer from NY,” or “Kramer from New York.” Look for the signature on an earring clip or a necklace or bracelet clasp. Other brands include the rare “Amourelle” from 1963 and “Kramer Sterling”, which may or may not be from the WWII years, when sterling silver was used in jewelry rather than other metals that were needed for the endeavor. warlike. Kramer jewelry is famous for its quality, and for the use of vibrantly colored rhinestones with creative settings. Radiant red and orange, eye-catching dark blue, sparkling topaz, and elegant black rhinestones, along with plastic trim, gave Kramer’s jewelry great variety and style.

For the collector, I think a great place to look for vintage Kramer jewelry is in real estate sales. If you haven’t tried it, this is a wonderful way to shop for vintage items of any kind. Check your newspaper and Craigslist for weekly listings of property sales in your area, and subscribe to the agent’s email list for future sales. Sales in older neighborhoods often have antique jewelry for sale. Tip: On the last day of the real estate sale, items can be marked with a 50% discount. The selection is best at the beginning of the sale, of course, but the best prices can be found towards the end.

As with any collectible jewelry, it’s important to be prepared: Bring a loupe or jeweler’s loupe to check the condition of the piece. If you are buying for your own collection and not for investment purposes, you can be more flexible with condition defects. If it is for investment, it must be impeccable. Do you like the piece? Will you wear it or display it or just keep it to be admired from time to time? If the piece is signed by the designer that increases its value. Is the original box or label included? Again, there is greater value.

Whatever your reasons, and the simple pleasure of owning beautiful vintage jewelry is more than enough, get information, do your research, ask questions and you will soon be able to see vintage Kramer or other designer jewelry to add to your collection. .

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