The advantages of a trailer sprayer

Sprayers are mechanical devices that are specifically designed to quickly and easily spray liquids. They come in a number of different varieties. In this article, we will take a look at the mechanical trailer behind the sprinklers. Such a sprinkler is a great way to cover large areas like lawns quickly and easily.

A trailer sprayer typically consists of a tank to carry the liquid to be sprayed, a motor (often 12 volts) to pump this liquid, spray nozzles on a boom that automatically disperse the liquid downward over an appreciable area (say 5 or 6 feet), a pressure gauge, a wheeled chassis on which the sprayer is mounted, and a hose attachment with a hand wand for manual spraying.

The device is towed behind a lawnmower or other towing vehicle as the liquid is sprayed. A trailer sprayer is typically used to spray lawn chemicals such as herbicides or fertilizers. The following are some of the advantages of this lawn and garden tool.

Faster than manual sprayers

This is a pretty obvious advantage that a trailer sprayer has, let’s say a manual tank sprayer (even if it’s motorized): it simply has the ability to cover more square footage in much less time. You can spread the weed killer or other garden or lawn chemical essentially as fast as the towing vehicle (usually a lawn mower) can run. And barriers with nozzles often provide more than 6 feet of coverage area per lawn pass. Plus, you can add a tow sprayer to do two jobs at once: mowing and spraying lawn chemical.

Reduce contact with chemicals

If you hold a chemical sprayer in your hand and spray it around you, you have a greater chance of inhaling the chemical or getting it on your skin. A trailer behind the sprinkler reduces this contact because the spray occurs behind you as you move away from it. While ordinary precautions make manual spraying safe in a general sense, it never hurts to reduce contact where possible, and trailed sprayers accomplish this.

Trailer sprayers are more complete

The thoroughness of coverage that can be achieved with trailer sprayers is often better than hand sprayers due to the mechanical nature of the process. A ride-on mower traveling at a constant speed with nozzles that spray a set amount per second will provide even and complete coverage. Someone walking around with a sprayer could easily miss spots or forget which areas they had already sprayed, making the job less thorough. If someone is mowing the lawn at the same time, keeping track is especially easy: the cut areas have already been sprayed and the uncut parts still need to be sprayed.

For all of these reasons, a trailer sprayer is a good all-round, labor-saving device. If you mist your lawn regularly, it makes a lot of sense to get one of these handy lawn and garden kits.

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