Trust 2-factor authentication

Security is a big concern for companies that handle a lot of information that needs to be kept secure. Users should also be able to access it without creating a lengthy process for authentication. Piracy has become a very high profile problem and to ensure that your business is not affected by it, you need an up-to-date solution to protect against fraud. In this day and age where remote access is such an important concept, there needs to be a foolproof way to provide this kind of security, and that’s provided by SMS 2-factor authentication.

Two step identification

The first step is to verify the username and password to protect your sensitive files. A second step is an identification process that becomes part of ‘something you have’. It means that a different code will be used than the one you normally enter and that is most commonly done using a mobile device like a phone or any other mobile app. A unique code will be sent via text message to the device which will need to be entered into the given app. Once this code is authenticated, only then will you be granted access to the information, which is what hosted 2-factor authentication services are all about.

What does it mean?

The user not only needs to know the username and password, but also the mobile app that is pre-registered is required to verify the code. So if a hacker is trying to log into a network, they will require the user ID, password and mobile device, which is a very unlikely scenario and that is the goal of hosted 2-factor authentication services. Of course, the only issue here is revealing private phone numbers to a third party, but that’s a risk that needs to be taken to ensure sensitive information is protected. Also, your phone numbers do not need to be misused or distributed. It all depends on the type of company he is dealing with. Most professional IT companies will never release personal information without cause.

Professional Security Companies

Today, finance and security go hand in hand on a day-to-day basis. With the increased use of technology that allows users to remotely access secure accounts through their mobile apps, it is important to find secure means of transferring money, enabling secure payments, and receiving them. SMS 2-factor authentication will allow customers to use this security feature to ensure that customer interests, money and privacy are protected within a barrier of authentication codes.

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