Using 7 Steps to Be a Better Leader!

Why does a small percentage of those who are elected, selected, and / or promoted to leadership positions actually become true, meaningful, relevant, and effective leaders? How could this be related to and explain the apparent dearth of genuine leadership and the large number of previously important organizations losing their luster, relevance and sustainability? After me, more than four decades, of being involved, in almost all aspects related to this, from identification and qualification, to training, development and consulting of, more than thousands of real and / or potential leaders, to serving as Leader, In At various times, I have come to believe that it takes a variety of steps and actions to create someone, who will continue, to become a better leader! With this in mind, this article will briefly attempt to consider, examine, review, and discuss the 7 key steps to being a better and more meaningful leader.

1. Taking a checkup, from the neck up: Why do you really want to lead these specific organizations? Why do you think you are unique, qualified, and able to lead more effectively and efficiently than others? Do you really have the commitment and discipline to persist, when others may give up? What do you really like about yourself and what perhaps you are not so excited about? How could you react and / or behave in certain circumstances and why? Will you be the right person to make a positive change for the better?

two. Identify personal strengths and weaknesses: Is it your personal strengths that could make this specific group better and why? Will you be able to use areas of strength effectively, while addressing any weaknesses and making a quality difference?

3. To be prepared !: If every leader, took the Boy Scout motto, To be prepared, Seriously, and did it consistently, organizations would benefit! Since there is no such thing, as a born leader, doesn’t it make sense for groups to take their training more seriously and make it a top priority?

Four. Know / understand leadership: The more you know and understand, the greater your potential! Even the best training program will not have its maximum results, unless / until those trainees take the process seriously and learn / discover / understand the essentials of being, the best, one could be!

5. Expand the comfort zone: One of the essential elements should be being ready, willing and able to expand the limitations of your own comfort zone and strive for excellence, rather than settling for the good, enough! Only then does the danger of procrastination become less challenging, etc.!

6. Know specific group: Each group has its own heritage, history, demographics, needs, goals and priorities, and in order to lead effectively, it is important to understand and know the specific niche and nuances of that organization.

7. Strategic and action plan: It is very important to know, appreciate and understand the fundamentals of strategic and action planning. Although many claim that they do, few are actually willing to proceed, in a comprehensive and meaningful way! The strategic planning process must consider both strengths and weaknesses, as well as goals, priorities, needs, mission, demographics, and vital and vibrant vision, to identify the best way forward. An action plan, should, create, a Plan A and B (often, also, C, D, etc.), including ways of evaluating, responsibility chart, timeline, etc., and a systematic way of evaluating . Progress and modify, if necessary / indicated.

Do you really want to be a better leader? Will you commit to the whole process, with consistency, motivation and discipline?

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