Website SWOT Analysis: A Real Life Example

Are you wondering what is happening with your Internet Business? Why can’t you get traffic to your website? the conversion rate is too low; or the opt-in visitor is very little?

I faced a similar situation lately and tried to use what I knew about SWOT analysis in my internet business. I use the same technique to perform a SWOT on a website and surprisingly discovered some valuable data for my website.

In this article, I share with you my real life example of my website SWOT analysis. You are invited to use it as a reference for your earned Internet Business.

Below is a SWOT analysis of a sample website done on my own Total Quality Management website that I published in the year 2001. It was written based on a knowledge-based approach. The ranking of this website is on Google page #9 and it has a PR=2. After 8 years published, it has never risen to page #3 of Google. Some of you may know that my newly released 3 month old SWOT Analysis Blog has ranked the #1 Google page for the last 3 months. This success story has led me to wonder why my Total Quality Management website page ranking is way behind.

My goal is to move my Total Quality Management website to Google page #1 – 3 and I did a SWOT analysis of the website using the SWOT analysis template and example as my guides. Below is a sample SWOT analysis of my website:

The SWOT factor – Strengths

S1 – Website 8 years old – matured

S2: The website contained focused practical examples and case studies of total quality management

S3 – Website ranked #1 Google Page on with a single keyword: “tqm”

The SWOT factor – Weaknesses

W1 – website design is not professional

W2: Website content remains static for several years

W3 – website navigation is not complete

The SWOT factor – Opportunities

O1: Online research on total quality management is in high demand

O2: Availability of TQM reports and case studies is limited on the website

O3 – Online website building software is commonly available

The SWOT factor – Threats

Q1: Website with fresh content and blogs have moved to the top of the Google page

Q2: The number of visits to this TQM website is very low (from awstat)

From the four SWOT factors, I continue to assess the seriousness and impact of each factor as a way to prioritize as I continue to use the SWOT template to formulate strategies. Once the strategies are formulated, only I can act. I encourage you to take this sample as a case study for your own internet business or website and application SWOT analysis.

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