Yorkshire Terrier Potty Training

Potty training is the most difficult and important task of owning a Yorkie. You can train him to use the Pee Pad/Wee Wee Pad or go outside. I always use the pee pads because it’s so much easier when it’s rainy or cold. You can buy ear pads on eBay that are made of fabric and you can wash them, which helps keep a lot of costs down. Pee Pee Pads are $7.00 for 12 pads at Wal-Mart.

There are also belly bands that are WONDERFUL for men. They wrap around the stomach and velcro in the back, (you put a woman’s pad on it for the lining) It’s a godsend! The males don’t even pay attention to wearing them. My friend told me about these pads (in fact, she gave me one) and I could kiss her for that valuable information!

Anyway, getting back to potty training, this is my example of what works for me. This is the easiest way for new puppies and adult dogs. Get a crate and make sure it’s small enough for the puppy to be comfortable, but just a bed or sleeping area. If the pup ever has an accident on his blanket, wash it immediately. Don’t let the puppy get used to the smell of urine/poop in her crate. The moment you take the puppy out, place it on the Pee Pee Pad and don’t let it out until you use it.

Do not wash the pee pad as long as you can bear it. You can pick up the poop with a tissue and throw it away, but the smell will still be there for the pup to smell and know that’s where it needs to go. Small puppies need to be brought to the platform about 6 times a day. Usually if you follow this your new puppy will be house trained in about 2 weeks.

Remember that your puppy/adult WANTS to do the right thing and WANTS to make you happy. In most cases, when a dog can’t be trained, it’s not the puppies’ fault, it’s the trainer not following the plan.

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